What is Work and Travel Share

Work and Travel USA is a cultural student exchange program that allows students from all over the world to stay in America during the summer months and, together with US students and students from other countries around the world, work seasonal jobs at varios employers across America.

Program Work and Travel USA is presented by the US Government as a cultural exchange program aimed at students from other countries to get familiar with American culture, way of life and work; enabling them to meet and associate with American students as well as with students from around the world.

This program is also considered educational because it allows foreign students to learn and improve their English. The US Government has granted our partners (SPONSORS) permission to find jobs in the U.S. for the Program Participants and to grant them work permits (working visa) for a maximum of four months, as well as a one-month tourist visa (as part of a work visa).

Also, SPONSORS are authorized by the United States Information Agency (USIA) to be agents in securing the DS-2019 document, which is evidence that a named student has been admitted to the Program. On the basis of this document, students, Program Participants, receive a J-1 visa and, therefore, a Work Permit and Social Number (SSN).

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