Restaurant Attendant (Front of House)
$5.00 /h
$50.00 /week
min 32-40 h/week
800 Euro
Company name:TM Restaurant Cleats Club Marblehead
Company city:Marblehead
Company state:Ohio
Job title:Restaurant Attendant (Front of House)
Earliest start date:20 May 2021
Latest start date:25 May 2021
Earliest end date:07 Sep 2021
Latest end date:15 Sep 2021
English level required:Conversational
Gender preference:None
Possible second job:Yes
Remarks:Perform serving, cleaning, or stocking duties to facilitate customer service. Carry food, dishes, trays, or silverware from kitchens or supply areas to guests or serving areas. Clean up spilled food or drink or broken dishes and remove trash. Food Runner
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